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Solar power with a different perspective.

GET IT,founded in 2008 , is focused on an end to end approach towards a sustainable future.Combining solar derived energy with agriculture, provides food security and economic independence which is much needed in rural areas mostly.GET IT 's work consists of the following endeavors:.


- Building solar farms where contribution is needed to meet the demand of electricity in areas where there is   currently none or hardly any access at all.

- Contributing to food security in areas that are affected by drought or political instability.

- Providing technical assistance in building and maintaining electricity production.

- Providing education in agriculture.

- Ensuring labor for farmers and their families.

- Ensuring that farming communities have sufficient electricity to cook, study ,which stimulates their      potential for independence.

- Balancing out the gender inequality gap.

- Supporting communities to combat poverty and famine with an environmentally friendly approach.


GET IT helps stimulating rural enterprise development for domestic consumptions. We help to increase the growth, productivity and income in areas where it is needed the most without compromising on our environmental agenda.



OUR MISSION : Is to play a fundamental role in the livelihoods of the less privileged populations worldwide and how we can provide them a sustainable future together. Through promoting solar energy and providing electricity, labor and food for the most needed among us we strive to balance out economic and gender inequality in order to erase famine that unfortunately still exists in this world


OUR GOAL : Is to develop solar farms which are grid connected or either off grid and contribute directly to a rural transformation. Solar and agriculture together as a socio economic development will improve access to food and electricity without compromising environmental issues. It will contribute to a bigger independence for farmers. Producing electricity on the spot with minimal line loss, creating jobs and harvesting food ensures a growth in economics and will be off benefit for, especially the more vulnerable population groups in rural and crisis affected areas.